Bienvenidos al Proyecto Ocelote!

With the acquisition of a jungle terrain within 6 kilometers of the Ecuadorian Pacific coast, we have started a project of preservation and awareness in a communal setting.

On 10 hectares of land, we plan to create an ecological community to develop environmentally sustainable and productive agroforestry systems based on practices like permaculture and bio-construction. We can use a lot of help with that! Volunteers have been coming here for since 2015 to help local workers in nursing, planting and construction.

We nurse and plant trees and bushes on meadows where used to be jungle, which was cut down many years ago. At some point we plan to live of the fruits of the trees that we plant. We aim that at some point, the jungle will be restored in its original state in the rest of our land (50 hectares)

We, Jean-Marie and Jule (or Juan y Julia if you wish) are a couple from France/The Netherlands and have been taking care of the finca since October 2016. Besides working here, we like to play music (guitar and singing), to experiment in our great kitchen and go on hikes in the forest in our back yard.After work, we can give volunteers lessons in philosophy, sociology and singing classes!

As we will be going back to Europe in the end of February, we are looking for people that are interested in taking over our job for at least three months. The voluntary job consists of recruiting volunteers and taking care of all communication, ruling the household, do the shopping and take care of animals and plants. All expenses while you are at the finca will be paid for. 

We have groups of people visiting who participate in Traditional Medicine Journeys at times. You can also visit us during those dates, but take in account that there will be workshops going on in the house.