The initiator of the project, Bola, is a medicine man offering traditional ayahuasca ceremonies when he is here. You are welcome to join these. In 2017, he will be here in the months of January until the beginning of April, and in July, August and September.

Basic information on medicine work
Volunteers and guests of the finca can participate in different Medicine Ceremonies In January, February and March for $30, and also in the programs, with very affordable rates.

The aim with this work is to share our way of working with Sacred Medicines using traditional tools belonging to several native Lineages of Wisdom from North, Central and South America (as medicine ceremonies, rituals, power plants). The work is developed and updated for modern human´s needs. We work with ayahuasca as well as with other natural medicines such as Tobacco, Aguacolla (San Pedro) and Magic Mushrooms.

Also Asian elements, coming from Zen, Tao, Tantra and Martial Arts; plus others like music, singing, dancing which belong to all humanity. Besides, elements from modern ways and technics as humanistic psychology, gestalt therapy, encounter groups, breathing work, aromatherapy, etc. which to our understanding are the outcomes of traditional wisdom developed and updated for modern human´s needs.

Our aim is to accompany/guide you in the way back to human wholeness, remembering, recovering and developing those aspects which are neglected, dismissed or directly denied by “civilization”, all what is not comprised into Cartesian rationality or economics logic: all our mind´s capabilities as expanded attention, perception, intuition, and awareness, manifestations as feelings, emotions, sexuality and creativity. Social skills which characterize us as humans: empathy, solidarity, community, sense of belonging, commune with nature and the universe, spirituality.

It is recommended to start the journey with a purpose, something you wish healing or clarification for. The individual work will be your own responsibility, where you can count on support and guidance if needed. We ask from you decision, commitment, openness and honesty towards yourself.

Also recommended is following a diet at least four days before the medicine night. We recommend not to take any sugar, salt, meat (fish is ok), dairy products, strong spices, coffee, green and black tea, alcohol, cigarettes, marihuana, recreational drugs. Inform us if you take any drugs or medicine (natural or chemical). Best is to eat purely, cook your food instead of frying it and use herbs instead of spices. Avoid toxic relations and too much TV and internet.

Group medicine work
At the finca, group programs with the sacred medicines take place. The offer within these programs is to share with you our way to work with sacred medicines using traditional tools belonging to several native lineages of wisdom from North, Central and South America ( as medicine ceremonies, rituals, power plants...) .

These programs are for people who may need a deeper and more intensive medicine work in their processes on healing physical, emotional or energetic unbalances and/or have as life purpose growing as Human been to its best. This requires a clear decision, commitment, heart will. It would be helpful to have other previous experiences and work done in this processes.