Our volunteers work 4 x 4 hours per week (Monday – Thursday from 8 until 12). The work in general is planting trees, bushes and seasonal crops, building jungle trails and constructing. Two men from the village of Camarones are doing most work and you will be supporting them in whatever way you can. We work by the cycle of the moon and by the season (wet or dry).
At the moment, we are figuring out how we can make a living from what we produce (eggs from the chickens and the fruits from our plants).

This volunteer program doesn't have a payment fee, we just charge $5 per day for the food (mainly vegetarian) as we are not self-sufficient yet. You can also bring your own food from Pedernales. Cooking and cleaning are communal.

We prefer volunteers to stay here for at least for two weeks. This way volunteers are able to get used to the environment, learn from their works and make a contribution to our project. You can also stay for eight days, working every day if you prefer that. 

If you are interested in volunteering with us, send us an email: ocelote11etoleco@gmail.com

What to bring and not to bring
Most necessary is a headlamp because we have no electricity here. Once in a while we turn on a generator to pump our water up. Batteries can be charged when the generator is on. Please bring rechargeable batteries, if you ́re using one-time-batteries, please take the empty ones when you leave.
If you can, bring organic soap and shampoo, because the water goes straight to our plants.

You will just need light clothes, but we recommend you also to have long pants and long sleeves to avoid insect bites.

Mosquito repellent and sunscreen can be useful. The sun shines strongly here, so maybe bring a hat in case you ́re working in the field.

We have mosquito nets, mattresses, sheets and blankets, so you don't have to bring any of this.
Bring rubber boots. You can easily find good and cheap ones everywhere in Ecuador. If your foot is larger than size 43, it may get more difficult to find them. Boots are a necessary protection for work and hiking. Many volunteers have left their boots here, so you can probably also pick one of them in case you can't bring your own.

If you ́re coming straight from your home country to our place and still have some space in your bag, it would be nice if you could bring some things along for us. Some products are very expensive or simply not available in Ecuador (couscous, organic laundry detergent etc.). If this is possible, please let us know.