The Finca Ocelote is part of the Comunidad Camarones, Cantón Jama, Provincia Manabí. The dirt road to Camarones starts between Pedernales(27 kms.)and Jama (23 kms.), where many busses pass by daily.

Walk the dirt road to Camarones and pass through the village.
Our house is by the main road which you follow from the beginning, after passing through Camarones. If you have any doubt, ask for „la finca de Bola“. This walk will take about 1,5 hours, but motor bikes and cars pass by and hitch hiking is common. 

Another way to get here, only when you are coming from Pedernales, is by private shuttle. This shuttle leaves from Pedernales at around 8:00 am and at around 1:00 pm from in front of the store Kadefema. The costs are $1,50. You can ask Angel, the shuttle driver, to bring you any other time to Camarones, but then he charges you 25$. Angel will bring you up to the furthest spot the road allows him to. If you're lucky, right up to our door. His car is parked in front of Kadefema. Angel Santana's phone number: 0990420814

We strongly advise you to arrive during the day, as you can use the daylight in case you come walking.